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After a concert at the University of Huddersfield the idea of creating a marching band to complete the full legnth of the 26.2 mile Virgin London Marathon course was discussed by a few friends over a few beers! The morning after the Huddersfield University Marathon Band was created and work began to put the idea into practice. The band was formed by 19 students and one lecturer and renowned cornet soloist, Phillip McCann. The fantastic people at the charity SENSE agreed that they would give us the places in the Virgin London Marathon and the band set out raising as much money as they could for this great charity! On 13th April 2011 the Huddersfield University Marathon Band completed the full legnth of the Virgin London Marathon in 7 Hours 55 Minutes and raised £37,500 for SENSE. The time of 7 hours 55 minutes was a NEW Guinness World Record for the 'Fastest Marathon completed by a Marching Band'. Unfortunately, in 2012 the Guinness World Record was beaten by Musikverein Dohrgaul based in Germany. 

Not deterred by the success of Musikverein Dohrgaul, the band came back to try and reclaim the Guinness World Record. This time it was decided to make the band open to people all across the UK, this meant a change of name to the Huddersfield Marathon Band. The 2014 Huddersfield Marathon Band was formed of 31 people ranging from 18-45 years old! The band completed the Virgin London Marathon in the time of 6 Hours 56 Minutes (nearly an hour off the original time!) and reclaimed the Guinness World Record for the 'Fastest Marathon Completed by a Marching Band'. 


During this attempt the band gained many awards including; JustGiving- 'Creative Fundraiser of the Year', Sense- 'Powerful Partnership Award'. The band also was featured in many different media outlets including: BBC News, BBC Sport, Sky News, ITV News, Halftime Magazine (USA) and ITV's Surprise Surprise.

To top it off the 2014 band raised a further £69,000 for the charity Sense making a grand total of well over £105,000! 

In 2015 the band aims to complete the Great North Run for the charity Sense and is hoping to make in excess of £15,000 for the charity.

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Role of Honour

2011 Band

Mike Lomas               Eddie Gillespie        Phillip McCann           Matt Bell               Tom Birch               

Simon Jolly               Ben Matthews         Phillip Bracegirdle      Elizabeth Edmed    Heidi Kearsey      

Kieran Higham           Sarah Carney         Ethan Whittaker        Felicity Dunk          Grace Caldwell    

Wayne Thomas          Emma Warren        Charlotte Priddey       Emma Cooper       Richard Millington


2013 Band

Mike Lomas              Sarah Hewitt           Sean Chandler          Natalie Davies       Jess Tiso

Tim Hewitt               Matthew Wright       Chris Bayley             Andrew Pimblett    Mandy Westhead

Grace Caldwell         Maggie Carr             Danny Lowery          Ian Drayton           Cathryn Rogers

Richard Millington     Simon Taylor            Lisa Balsom             Ed Carr                 Danny Barker

Chris Mcfarlane        Brendan Travis         Elizabeth Tranter      Christine Avis         Asher Leverton

Emma Thurlby         Vicky Bayley            Rhian Alderslade      Laura Houndsome

Dennis Yarwood       Simon Lewis


2015 Band

Mike Lomas             Tim Hewitt              Sarah Hewitt            Danny Lowery          Cathryn Rodgers

Simon Lewis            Theresa Jennison     Sean Chandler         Ronan O'Neill            Natalie Davies

Mararet Carr            Lisa Balsom             Jenny Staincliffe      Jennifer Stock           Ian Drayton

Emma Thurlby         Emma Ramplin         Edward Carr           Dennis Yarwood         Dave Collins 

Christine Avis           Chris Bayley            Andrew Pimblett      Alaster Yoxall            Simon JAcobs


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    Sellers Engineers are world leaders in the design and manufacture of finishing machinery for the carpet industry and have hundreds of leading references around the world.

  • Brass'd

    Brass'd is the world's first brass band management game, coming soon to all of the major mobile platforms. Brass'd are a proud sponsor of the Huddersfield Marathon Band for their 2015 attempt! Good luck guys!